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A Party Bus for the Women and Kids

Aug-16-2016 By admin

My husband and a group of his friends go on a hunting trip each year. I know I never mind, and it seems like the other wives don’t mind either. Most of us are good friends, but there are a few newer wives to this circle of ours. One of them actually suggested that we all have a fun night out ourselves. There are eight of us, but when you factor in our kids, there are 19. She had looked up party bus Toronto limo bus rental and gotten some quotes on party buses.

I was really glad that she had included our kids on this, because we were just talking about a night out rather than a weekend away like the guys were having. While it would be nice to have a ladies night out once or twice, all of us wanted to include the kids on our night out. We all talked about where we would go and what we would do, and we decided that it would be fun to take the kids to a movie, but we would stay in the bus since none of us were really interested in seeing the film.

There are a few older kids so we knew they would all be okay. It would also give us time to get to know the newer women, and we could then start planning our women’s night out without guys or kids with us. The kids were super excited to get to ride in a limo bus, but I do believe we enjoyed it even more since it was so comfortable to relax in while the kids were watching their movie. It was nice to sit and drink wine with old friends while making new friends, knowing that we were going to get home safely. The kids had such a blast that I think this might become a regular thing too!

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