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If you are taking off for a cruise, there are a lot of reasons to choose Galveston as your departure point. Not only does it have a huge selection of cruise lines and themes covering practically any part of the Gulf, but it’s also got some great sights to see for itself, as well as a very cozy bed and breakfast culture. For those spending a few days in town between departure and return, there are great places to shop, as well as regular shuttle service that runs Galveston to Houston Texas. That means you can easily get to the big city for shopping and entertainment, and it makes departure and arrival flights that use Houston as a base very accessible when planning your flight.

Historic Sights and More

The city was the site of one of the most devastating historic hurricanes on record, and to this day the aftermath of that landfall is frequently covered in history classes devoted to the social and economic changes Texas has experienced over the years. There are also parks and landmarks detailing other historic events that took place in the area, so visitors can get a sense of the role this location played in Texas’s push for independence before it petitioned to join the United States. Galveston also has a lot of entertainment and dining built around the large number of cruise departures, so you will find dining and shopping that has the interests of cruise-goers in mind, including great deals on colorful, cool clothes for your cruise.

Make Your Stay Easier by Booking in Advance

During the busiest cruise seasons the most sought-after accommodations in town book up quickly, and remaining rooms are priced for the demand. That means you’ll get your best price and selection when you put your trip together well in advance. Planning six months out is common and it helps you have peace of mind that your bases are covered so you can enjoy your vacation.

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