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My girlfriend is no stranger to socializing. She loves to spend time with our friends, and she loves to share things with them. So, I decided that, in order to propose to her, she might like it best to share the moment with our closest friends. It took me awhile to come up with the perfect setting, but I finally settled on getting a Platinum party bus Toronto limo bus for the setting. I wasn’t nervous about my plans at all. I just needed to make sure that I pulled everything off flawlessly so that she would not catch on that a proposal was coming.

The night needed to see like any other night out with all of our friends. We are both lucky in that we can afford to do a lot of different things, and she knows that I love to do things that are very different. I figured she wouldn’t think of it as any more than one of my fun ideas, and I was right. I purposely did not tell the majority of people who were invited to our party-on-wheels that I planned to propose because I did not want anyone to slip up and tell her ahead of time. My two best friends knew, and that’s it.

Once were all on the bus, the driver made sure that we all had a round of drinks as soon as we got onboard. There was some light music going, but we mostly sat around talking and laughing. At some point, the driver put on a romantic song, and that’s when I got down on one knee and proposed. Everyone was surprised, and my girlfriend was surprised and completely floored because she had no idea that it was coming. When she said yes and I slipped the ring on her finger everyone cheered. We celebrated for the rest of the night.

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