Breakdown Lane Traveled

Visit to the Best Places in the World

As an artist, it is incredibly important to keep your clients on their toes. I learned early on that people need to be entertained to continue to be interested in the work that you create. This doesn’t mean that you need to go overboard to try to keep their interest, but keeping things fresh and unique can go a really long way. Many artists have their own ideas, but I decided to take some of my high paying clients out with a party bus Toronto limo for some beverages and to show some of my newest art to them.

I had a great conversation with the limousine company about how to go about it. Obviously, you don’t want to have a driver that slams on the breaks repeatedly and your paintings fall over, causing them to be ruined forever. The employees quickly thought up a brilliant way to secure the paintings so that an accidental, quick braking would not cause any catastrophes. And they knew exactly how to secure everything so that the mechanisms used would be behind the frames and my clients would not see it.

I sent out invitations to everyone I wanted to show up on my viewing show. I wondered if some of them would decide not to come because I wasn’t having a viewing in a art studio, but every single person I invited sent an RSVP to attend. I spent about 1 hour before the ride getting all my frames secured to the walls. The driver then turned on the music and party lights to show me what it would look like, and it was fantastic. The things that I create have a style that go really well with the music and lights. The show was a success. I ended up having other clients contacting me to ask if I would be doing another bus show.

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