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I learned how to ski at a fairly young age, but I did not try to snowboard for the first time until last winter. I gave it a few tries, but for some reason, I could not seem to get the hang of it, and it was pretty embarrassing, truth be told. I fell a number of times and my children were laughing at me. I want to check out Propeak Niseko Snowboard School, because I have heard that they offer adult snowboard lessons and what’s more is that they have a reputation for having some pretty good instructors.

I figure that I should be able to get the hang of riding a snowboard if I get proper instructions. When I tried to snowboard last winter, I did not have any sort of instructions. Rather, I just rented a snowboard, and then tried to ride it without having any idea what the proper technique is. But at the time, I did not think it would be very difficult, and after all, I have been skiing for most of my life.

It does seem like snowboarding would be really fun, if you were good at it. So I hope that I can learn how to do it, and that I am able to enjoy it. But I do have another reason for wanting to learn how to snowboard, and that is simply that I want to show my kids that I can learn how to ride a snowboard. It kind of hurt my dignity when they were laughing at me last yer, and so I am not just going to give up. But rather, I will learn how to snowboard, and hopefully, before too long, I will be better at it than my kids are. At least, that is my goal anyway.

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