Breakdown Lane Traveled

Visit to the Best Places in the World

My wife has really put up with a lot over the years. She has sacrificed so much to ensure that both of our dreams are realized. I know that probably sounds melodramatic, but it is the truth. She put her own education on hold so I could finish mine. She also worked two jobs most of that time while I worked one. In addition, she became pregnant my senior year, which put even more of a physical burden on her. Things are different now, which is why I wanted to get a Toronto limousine and give her a day she will never forget.

The days of her working two jobs and taking care of an infant are long gone. Now, she is a stay at home mom raising our four kids while I am quickly climbing the corporate ladder at my job. I made sure to only take a job at a company that will allow me to put my family first, which is what I am doing this weekend. I was just given another promotion, and this is going to exceed all of our dreams. I know I would never be where I am today if it were not for my wife and all her sacrifices, which is why this is our promotion, not just mine.

I am arranging for a limo to pick us up at the house. We are going all go to my parent’s house, where the kids will be dropped off for the weekend. My wife and I are then going to a spa where she will be spoiled, then we are going to dinner. That is where I am going to tell her the good news. We are then going to enjoy a weekend at a local luxury hotel, where the sky is the limit for anything she wants. I just want her to know she is always going to be first in my life.

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